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Meet the poster boy for the unethical legal profession in South Carolina.



Welcome to my website dedicated to the SCUM bags of SC.


WARNING: Many South Carolina lawyers are unethical scum suckers. Even if they always lose. Avoid the SC legal system... and avoid lawyers.



To members of the South Carolina General Assembly and all taxpayers:

What South Carolina desparately needs is a non-lawyer disciplinary board that provides review, decision, and disciplinary actions for the numerous unethical acts of bad lawyers in South Carolina. The SC Bar has failed miserably to do so and the citizens of this state pay dearly for it.

Ask yourself....what is the only "professional" group that everyone seems to hate? Why is it that when a doctor makes a mistake, he or she gets sued? When, an engineer makes a mistake, he or she gets sued. When a lawyer makes a mistake, he or she just rendered an opinion.

Merriam-Webster definition

scum - a low, vile, or worthless person or group of people

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